Someone has broken into my flat and drank my wine there was a full bottle earlier now it is empty

You just can't trust anyone!

I know, bastards... it would never have happened in our youth. There was no crime or anything...

Haha, yeah, underage drinking in the park? Never!

Carlsberg Special Brew and Thunderbirds... good times :)

Sick times! There are things I think I did, but I'm not sure, and I'm still not sure to this day. Merrydown too! Ohhhh I feel poorly now.... haha.

Oh yeah Merrydown (dry), not merry on the way back up... I have many vague recollections too... and apparently still haven't learn't to behave differently!! :)

Learnt, what's with the stupid apostrophe phone... Gahhhh my blood pressure...

Haha, best way! Without the vomiting of course! Saying that, I was 'very ill' that morning I stayed over at George's's, learning is a hard process when it comes to alcohol!

That's George for you... as I remember he made me drink too much wine as well... Oh well we live and don't learn...

I've learned to lessen the impact (both at the present drinking time and the morning after) by not mixing. I'll never drink wine with beer again!

Oh but that's part of the fun!!  I will not drink beer and wine again as I am not allowed to drink beer, however wine and gin is fair game :)

I've never, ever had gin! I'd probably end up blubbing anyway!

I remember Ian's parents ringing me late one night asking if I'd seen him as they were worried about him (hed been drinking all day) we went out in the car to look for him and found him staggering about Norman Way (?) with no idea what was going on, where he was etc. Then his mum asked why he was soaking wet and Ian said "I fell in the dam". As much as I knew he was in trouble, I still laughed. Sorry Ian..

See. I don't remember that! You just made that up didn't you to make me look cool! Haha.

Wine is made from grapes. One of your five a day.