Islam or Muslims? - Who is actually offended by Atheists?

After some atheists believe in that Islam is offended by some arguments of today's world, an unpopular friend of mine wrote this.

"I was born in a secular Muslim country and 80% of the people around me were Muslims until my 20s. and I never heard of any of those things offended anyone. Woman rights, free speech, democracy (especially), eating whatever you want, genuine human rights, gay marriage (it was not in any subject those times) and more less those kind of things have always been considered as essentials of life and our society. Then I heard almost the same or very similar words from some other Muslim countries too (Malaysia, Bosnia etc).  Therefore its not the Islam what is offended by those thins but some certain group believers. And this kind of thins take time to establish. For example, not too long, only 80 years ago there were many Western countries (like France in 1944, Italy in 1946, Greece in 1952,Switzerland in 1971 and more)  where women were not counted as individuals.

Economy, education, civil wars, etc etc play very important key roles in human development. We cannot expect everything in the world changes in seconds. Its like Orthodoxy and democracy. Technically there cannot be democracy in Orthodoxy, but it has to change, they have to find a way to bring them together. and this problems has been going on for centuries....

I lived in Britain for 10 years and stayed long time in Sweden, Canada, USA, Lithuania, South America and most of my friends are from Western world. What I noticed is: unfortunately, all these countries are full of extremists and terrorists.
Did you know, most of the most wanted extremists from every religion, any ethnic group, communist, Islamist, whateverist are living in countries such as UK, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, USA? for example, that hook-hand Muslim extremist in Britain, you know that man, why did he go to European Human Right Court? He wanted to stay in Britain.. the reason is, if he returns his own country, or any Muslim country (except Saudi Arabia) he would be in prison because of his extreme activities. Isn't it interesting? There isn't any Muslim country on earth these kind of people are allowed (except like Somalia, Afghanistan, these are exceptional places).. but they are always very welcome to all western countries. How come?

 Anyway.. these are neverending issues"